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Map Your Legacy

watch a 2 minute personal introduction

At the end of this 1-hour session, you will have a 1-page model of your life’s work and access to a method to ongoingly create personal breakthroughs in your life in support of others.


We will guide you through the experience of mapping out your life and develop new ways of thinking and exploring.


During our time together, we will:

  • Introduce you to the Business Model Canvas

  • Design a 1-page blueprint of your life’s work

  • Reveal gaps and futures critical to you at this stage of your life

  • Identify next steps to take a new level of ownership of your life


What's included in your package:

  1. 1-hour personal business modeling session

  2. 1-hour follow up session

  3. lots n lots of TLC guiding you through the process! :)


All sessions include a private video recording and link to your models

Costa Rica

With Chinarut's guidance and compassionate listening in a Skype session, I reflected on my life's work and the legacy I am determined to leave. We also outlined areas for growth and my next actions.  I was moved to tears and left the session with a sense of clarity and peace.


I want to thank you for the management consulting services that you provided today. You unlocked a lot of stagnant positive features of my business and personality that I was not giving myself credit. I now have the tools to revisit my business plan, resume and services with a new set of lenses. Thanks to your unique and uplifting style of delivery. You are a gem! I look forward to your continued assistance in helping me grow my business.


Chinarut’s precise power of questioning has helped me clarify my priorities and identify my most important next steps. He’s focused me on my core message and given an important perspective that has refined my USP. I would highly recommend spending time with Chinarut and getting him to guide you through the Business Model You canvas. His calm and precise approach will surely help you to build your own unique business model, or if you have one already, will help you to refine and sharpen it, by focusing on your strengths and how to use them to impact your audience

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